Class 6

Class 6

What we are up to

Welcome back for the Spring Term!

This term we will start to prepare for our Year 3 and 4 production at the end of the term. Our play will be ‘The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan’. If you have any unused superhero costumes at home we would be really grateful if you could bring them in.

We will be learning about the Royal Family this half term. If you’ve ever met the Queen or other members of the Royal family we’d love to see some photographs!

In History this half term, we will be learning about Royal Families through time. We will be exploring the impact that Kings and Queens such as William the Conqueror and Queen Mary I had on Great Britain.

In Science, we will explore magnetism and light, looking at how light is altered by objects and investigating the metals which are magnetic.

In the morning, it is really important that your child gets to school on time. From 8:45-9:00, the children will be able to access Accelerated Reader in order to complete their book quizzes and discover more amazing books for them to read!


This term we will start swimming lessons which will be on Thursday afternoons. Please make sure your child’s swimming costume and towel is in school on Thursdays.

Things to note:

  • Boys must wear swimming trunks. No baggy shorts allowed
  • Girls must wear a one-piece swimming costume. No bikinis allowed
  • Earnings cannot be worn for PE and it would be appreciated if these can be removed before your child comes to school.
  • Long hair must be tied back.


At Netherfield we are committed to ensuring that the children are safe when using technology. We know how important it is to follow our Class Golden Rules when using the internet and we will be thinking about how we can protect ourselves both at school and at home.

These are our Class Golden Rules:

1.Always ask permission.
2.Never give out your personal information.
3.Double check what you write is correct when researching information.
4.Tell a parent that you’re going on an online game.
5.Be respectful to others.

Home Learning

In line with the school’s policy the children will be expected to complete home learning tasks.

Reading is a top priority for all children as it underpins all the curriculum areas.
The Reading Olympics will be counted from the first day of term. Our target is for every child to achieve the gold award. Please help your child by reading at home with them and recording their reads in their diary; reads should be recorded with the book title and page number.  We do not backdate reads from a previous week, so please ensure that they are up to date each Friday.

The Reading Olympics will be counted from the first day of term –

Bronze award 15 reads
Silver award 25 reads
Gold award 40 reads
Ruby award 70 reads
Diamond award 100 reads.

In Year 3, we know how important it is that children read quality texts regularly. We have a wide collection of texts within our classroom which is ever growing. We aim to hear every child read at least once a week which can include guided reading sessions.

To encourage reading we have a variety of rewards for great readers for daily reading, reaching reading milestones and having a love of reading. Miss Hopkin and I are always excited to hear about what the children are reading and love to receive recommendations for books we should read too! Let us know if you find a book you think we’d love!

Spellings home-learning will be given out weekly and children will receive points for completing them.

Maths homework will be given out once a week. If you have any questions, as always, come and catch us at the end of the day. We’re always more than happy to help!

English / Topic
Each week the children will have a piece of home learning related to our project. We love it when children think outside the box and think of original ideas. We will share great home learning at the end of the day (if there’s time to spare!).

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wright

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