Class 7

Class 7

What we are up to…

This summer term, we have lots of exciting things lined up! Our topic is Into the Wild, in which we will be learning all about the natural world, including habitats, animals and humans, food chains and sustainability.

This topic will be hands-on and full of fun! We have several exciting trips planned, to inspire the children’s learning and build on skills, including a day in Sherwood Forest and at Stonebridge City Farm.

Our writing this term will be based on the wonderful novel Charlotte’s Web which is full of thought-provoking and touching concepts.

Accelerated Reader

As you may be aware, Y4 will begin the Accelerated Reader scheme this term. This will give children a ZPD range instead of a reading level. You may notice that the books provided to the children are shorter and sometimes more basic than your child has been used to. The scheme develops understanding of texts, and the books children will be reading have been carefully matched to their current level of understanding.

Children will take a quiz once they have read each book, which will continue to monitor their progress and improve their ZPD. As this increases, so will the complexity of the books they read.

Our school values are Resilience, Honesty, Politeness, Perseverance, Respect and  Kindness. We highly prize these qualities, and all of Class 7 do a fantastic job of showing them off every day.

Some of our SEAL lessons this term will be SRE (Sex and Relationships Education). You will be fully informed about what the children will be learning at an age appropriate level. This is an invaluable opportunity for the children to learn about their bodies and the way they will change as they get older. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are concerned.

We have a class dog called Teddy. He is a reading dog! He loves all things reading (between naps) and is a very gentle, loveable and well-behaved pooch. This is Teddy:



Message to mums and dads…

Thank you so much for your continued support with your children’s education – it is hugely appreciated by the C7 team and we value your input.

It is required by law that adults who have not been signed in at the office do not enter the school building, and as such, impromptu meetings can no longer take place in the classroom just before the start of the school day.

If you have any concerns at all, please do get in touch and come to talk, but ensure that you go via the office and ensure it’s an appropriate time, when we will be able to take the time and care to listen to your concerns. Please do not be offended if you are turned away at the classroom door. Thank you.

Home Learning

  • English x 1 per week
  • Maths x 2 per week (Busy Ant)
  • Spellings – extra challenging words are optional and made available at the end of each week
  • Project – once a term, we get to make or do something really exciting at home and show it off at school!

Reading – please read as often as you can, simply because it’s fun and it makes you cleverer!

Year 4 Curriculum Objectives

The curriculum across all subjects:


PE sessions are on Wednesday afternoons and will take place in the hall during Spring 2.

Our policy:

Children wear suitable clothes and footwear

All jewellery, including earrings, must be removed.