Foundation 1

Foundation 1

Summer 1!

This half term our theme will be Space. We will be continuing to have a book of the week which will match our theme. We will start with Whatever Next, Alien’s Love Underpants, The Man in the Moon, Q-Pootle and Beegu.  We are continuing to learn a rhyme each week. Rhymes will range from traditional nursery rhymes and songs to more contemporary poems and rhymes that compliment our theme.


Foundation 1 (Butterflies) are looked after by Mrs Oakes, Miss Leaper, Mrs Moreton, Miss Leivers, Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Carr.  The Foundation 2 children (Fireflies and Dragonflies) are looked after by Mrs Stevenson, Miss Hartley, Mrs Brakes, Miss Burton, Mrs Cresswell and Miss Leivers.


The children begin each session together in the main butterfly room.  After fining their name card and joining in a group activity the register is taken and the calendar completed. The butterflies then split into smaller groups for phonics until learning lab time. During learning lab time the children have a choice to pay indoors or outdoors. This gives them the opportunity to apply the skills they already know and new ones that they have been taught during group sessions.

After a busy time learning and playing and learning its time to come back to group rooms for our maths session. The children have the chance to join in taught sessions where they help Rainbow Bear to solve maths problems and challenges together and then independently. Then its time for milk/water and fruit. When the children have finished there is time for another play and explore in learning labs before story and home time.

Home Learning


Mondays are library days! Please bring in your library books and reading records on Mondays only. If children are listening to and sharing their library books regularly they will be able to have their photo with rainbow bear as well as a certificate and book mark.

Please check the F1 window each week so that you can see the number, sound, book and rhyme of the week that the children are focusing on. If you can spot the number and sound of the week when you are out and about it will help the children to remember them more securely.